Financial Diligence Networks is an invitation only service for hedge funds and allocators. Enter name and e-mail address below to request an invitation.

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"I can't imagine working without it."

Peter Lindt, Birch Funds

A Private Network

For Allocators and Hedge Funds

Financial Diligence Networks provides allocators and hedge funds with a beautifully designed web application for sharing, organizing, and analyzing current and comprehensive information necessary for intelligent business decision-making.


Discover Search, Browse, and Filter Firms, Products, and People.


Dashboard Keep up-to-date on what is new with firms in your network.


Analyze Review and monitor data and due diligence information.


Documents Find new and historical documents, ready at hand.


Your Window into Hedge Funds


Request Access to Funds

Investment managers on the network control viewing access to their profile information. With the click of a button, allocators can request access to view a manager’s profile, prompting the manager to choose whether to grant access. If a manager is not yet a member of FDN, you can invite the manager to join.

"This gives me a wonderful overview of my work."

Daniel Cooper, Allocator at Bright Funds


Find Everything in One Location

View the most current information on all of your managers. Since managers maintain their own profiles on the system, you can always see their most recently published documents and data, direct from the source. On your dashboard, stay up to date automatically on new information provided by managers. Manage relationships and due diligence work much more efficiently by finding everything you need in one location.

Hedge Funds

Create and Maintain Relationships


Connect with Allocators

Search the network for institutional quality allocators appropriate for your fund. Click on their names in search results to be taken to their profiles. Learn more about their investment programs, and how they like to work with managers. Decide whether a relationship is right for your fund.


Control Access to Your Information

Hedge funds on the network control access to their information. They can proactively grant access to allocators with whom they wish to communicate and share profiles, documents, and data. Allocators can also request access to a hedge fund’s information, which the fund can either grant or deny. Either way, access to information is completely within the hedge fund’s control.

"This is what we all have been waiting for."

Paul Christensen, Hedge fund manager at Birch Funds


Everything in One Location

Publish all of your documents and information to share privately with allocators in one secure place. Your dynamic due diligence profile makes it easy for your clients to find all of the information they need through organized and beautifully designed software. Manage all your relationships together through the FDN network.

Security & Compliance

Secure by Design


FDN is designed first and foremost to protect our members’ data. We go above and beyond normal security requirements to make sure that your data is protected and that only the people that you personally approve have access to see your sensitive information. We keep pace with new methods for keeping your data safe and secure by hiring the industry's leading security experts to conduct ongoing security audits of our system.


FDN is hosted on dedicated hardware in a SAS 70 Type II Certified data center that is staffed and monitored 24x7x365. The facility is state of the art and includes a monitoring system which records all entry points providing a historical audit trail of entry. In addition, we have redundant hardware in place for all servers and perform nightly backups of all of our data, which is stored encrypted at an off-site location.


FDN encrypts all information transmitted to and from our servers using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. This is one of the strongest block ciphers available and is currently used by some of the largest organizations in the world as well as many U.S. government agencies to store their sensitive information. Documents uploaded to FDN are also stored using the same AES-256 algorithm and we employ a multi-factor encryption approach.

Permissions & Auditing

Your firm always controls access to your sensitive data on FDN. When parties are interested in accessing your protected data, they must request access, which you can then approve or deny. At any given time, your firm can review who has access to your information, add or revoke access or even review an audit trail of permissions to your information. These permissions can be configured at the product and user level so you can control who sees your data and what they are seeing. Prior to joining FDN, members of the network must agree to qualification and confidentiality requirements in our Terms of Use.

Request an invitation to join FDN

Allocators and Hedge Funds

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