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The Hedge Fund Data Pipe FDN is not a Database

Comparative Analytics

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In my prior role as an allocator to hedge funds, I spent countless hours each month gathering core information on the hedge funds I was monitoring. This information included performance and AUM statistics, monthly letters, and risk reports. To collect this information, I, and members of my team, would have to log into many different password-protected websites, locate old emails, and follow up directly with managers to receive all of what we needed. We would then manually extract the data from the documents provided and enter it into spreadsheets or internal systems to review it in an analyzable format for comparison.

This effort was so inefficient, it became clear to me that our team was actually spending more time gathering and reentering information than we were analyzing it, losing whole days of productivity each month in the process. What a waste!

At FDN, we recognized that hedge fund analytics is a problem for fund evaluators and investors, but one that, fortunately, could be solved through scalable technology.

About a month ago we released our solution to this problem, a new ‘Coverage’ page feature that allows users to create a custom list to compare important statistics quickly across the funds they are monitoring

The data surfaced in the application is entered directly into FDN by the managers themselves, and so, for allocators, that means no more onerous cutting and pasting! Managers on the platform are sent automatic reminder emails as well, regularly prompting them to provide their latest updates.

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When using the Coverage page, users can adjust date periods forwards and backwards, look at different types of quantitative screens.

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Users can download the statistics they are viewing into excel files to manipulate them further offline.

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Users are alerted to any pieces of data that may be missing…

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…and can easily click a button to request an update or send messages directly to the firm’s point of contact.

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These powerful interactive features meaningfully extend the capabilities of the Coverage page well beyond those of a typical quant screen.

If you are a head of manager research looking to enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency, please reach out to us. We would love to work closely with you and have you join the growing community of allocators who have started to adopt FDN as their enterprise solution. For the first time, your team will be able to focus their efforts completely on analyzing ready-at-hand information and comparing it easily across the managers they care about.

As always, we love hearing your feedback, and so as you take advantage of this innovative new feature, please let us know your thoughts!

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