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How to engage your followers

We’ve been working hard on finding new ways to keep you tuned in to the beat of the industry. Today, I’m pleased to announce that firms can post updates through the Financial Diligence Networks platform.

You may have noticed that we recently made it possible for you to “follow” firms that use FDN. Following is an easy way to keep track of something you’re interested in. You won’t be contacted by marketers, and you can unfollow the firm at any time.Follow Settel Capital Management, LLC You’ll simply begin to receive relevant updates from the firm. For instance, if a firm you follow launches a new strategy, you’ll learn about it on your Activity Feed. We think this is a powerful way to stay apprised of the happenings across your network.

In keeping with that theme, we’re providing firms with the ability to post updates to the FDN network. The posting functionality is pretty open-ended, and we can expect to see posts covering topics such as:

  • Monthly updates
  • Hiring announcements
  • Strategy discussion
  • Industry chatter

You can even use FDN as  your firm’s blogging platform to easily keep in touch with prospects and investors alike!

Posts tab on Firm profile

We encourage everyone to make generous use of the “Follow” button on FDN. I promise it’ll improve your experience. If you want to see what a firm has posted on FDN without following them first, simply check out their profile. You’ll find “Posts” in the details below their investment products.

Posting from DashboardIf you’re a profile administrator at your firm, you may post on FDN by logging in to your Dashboard, and finding the posting widget on the right side of the screen. Your post can be as long as short as you like, and you can get fancy with formatting by using markdown. Don’t worry – it’s easy to use and you can preview your post before sending it out to your network. Making a habit of posting engaging content is a great way to build a list of followers and, ultimately, bring new prospects to you.


I’m excited to hear from you about this feature, so don’t be bashful about contacting me with questions or feedback. Happy posting!

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