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Regardless of whether you allocate to one hedge fund or hundreds, FDN takes the hassle out of research and due diligence, allowing you to focus on making the right investment decisions

Find the Best Hedge Funds

Are you looking for specific types of managers or investment strategies? Use our powerful discovery tools to find the best managers, or just sit back and let us notify you when we find managers that meet your goals.


Search for hedge funds by strategy, location, track record, AUM as well as a variety of other factors


Receive automatic notifications about new managers that meet your criteria


Connect directly with the right person at the firms that interest you to quickly request more information or set up a meeting

Complete Diligence in Record Time

Never waste time tracking down documents that you need to make investment decisions about a hedge fund again. When you use FDN, you can access all of the latest documents that you need to thoroughly evaluate funds with a single click.


Request the latest materials from any hedge fund with a single click


Use powerful analytics tools to easily compare a variety of performance metrics across funds


Use our research center to monitor all of the funds that you follow and easily access the latest news, documents or notes that you take on funds

Stay Updated Even While On the Go

Don’t miss another update from a hedge fund about important changes. When you monitor your funds through FDN, you’ll be updated automatically when new documents or performance data is available, or when notable changes happen at the firm.


Access the most recent monthly letters or performance, from anywhere, even while travelling


Receive immediate notifications about critical events happening at the funds you follow


Review daily updates about new documents, performance or other information that you care about

New! Data Collection Services for Investors

Stop wasting your time and resources collecting hedge fund data!

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